Who is your target customer?

Healthcare organizations, hospitals, surgi-centers, medical practices that perform procedures requiring consent

Describe how the product generally works?

The patient watches a series of videos (animation, live footage or a combination of the both) on a tablet or via an Internet web portal at the hospital or surgical site. We create the video animations based on a script derived from the hospital’s current informed consent and get the script approved before any videos are created. In between each video segment we ask the patient several questions to evaluate their comprehension and retention level before advancing them to the next video. We can provide these videos in multiple languages; a key to providing true informed consent in a diverse population.

After reviewing all the videos and answering all of the questions we present the patient with the actual Informed Consent Form (ICF) on screen for review. As the patient goes through the ICF page-by-page we have a built-in customizable dictionary to assist their comprehension. If they still have a question they can type their question into the ConsentNowTM software application to review with the physician prior to signing the consent form. The patient cannot sign the consent form until all questions are answered to their satisfaction.

Do you provide training?

We provide and offer online or onsite training to clinical staff. At that time they are provided with all the necessary credentials to access the platform. The product is intuitive so training is usually completed in a one hour session. Continual support and additional training are part of our commitment to our clients.

How do you make sure that the patient is always viewing the latest consent form?

When a change to the consent form is approved the videos and consent forms will be updated centrally within a web-based portal and pushed to any devices so that only the latest version will be available.

What data encryption services does your product use?

Secure Sockets Layer ‘SSL’, a Cipher suite of cryptographic protocols designed to provide communications security over a computer network.

Does the product have security measures in place to protect patient information?

Yes, patient information is not stored locally on any devices. All information is stored on our dedicated server behind a secured firewall.

Is your product available on mobile platforms and/or the web?

Yes, the product is available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms as well as the web.

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